Just enough

Just enough

A poem written by Beny about romance. A time for love… and confusion. Read the poem Just enough.


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About the poem

I recently started my poetry page. I stopped writing shortly after my mom passed away very suddenly and unexpected in 2013. Writing exposed too many parts of me I wasn’t yet ready to face. This is my venture back into that world and sharing that intimacy with others. I reside in Florida, and am new to love. 🙂

You can follow Beny on Instagram, where she uses the pen name Beny_Speaks.


About the poem

This poem speaks about fleeting romance. It’s those confusing periods of love that sparked quickly and diffused shortly thereafter. I wrote this one night when plagued with the thought “I’m not crazy, right? I didn’t just imagine our connection?” after a romance began to fizzle out.

Just enough

By Beny

Just enough

You are a fistful of sand, the way
you slip from my grasp. I’m left
with just a hint of you.

Just enough to prove
I once must have
held you.

Just enough to coat my palms.

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