The poem KABOOM, written by Qatrina Quaff, is inspired by a traumatic event.

About Qatrina

Qatrina Quaff publishes her poems on Instagram. She writes poetry, she paints and she takes photographs. A creative person, that is able to maintain a impressive portfolio on her Instagram profile.

Well, I just write poetry for self-expression and getting my emotions out to deal with this recent event. Writing can be therapeutic and healing.


This poem was inspired by what Qatrina calls a life-changing traumatic event. this poem is about how it feels for this poetess, when she looks at the world around her.

It seems as though everyone around me is doing very well in life, while I have been left behind.


By Qatrina Quaff

The pressure is mounting
Everyone around me inflating
Eagles that soar
Me, a grasshopper on the floor
Of a dried-up well
My poor choices to hell
I jump and jump
Fall and fall into a lump
When will my time come?
Will it be a Never like some?



Please call
Spirit, God or Lord
Please share the Good Luck hoard.

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