Knowing so much yet nothing at all

Knowing so much yet nothing at all
A poem written by the talented Rowena Bernardus (Realm Of The Raven Poetry).

It has been a while, since we published a poem written by the talented Dutch poetess Rowena Bernardus. She writes poetry under the pen name Realm Of The Raven Poetry on Instagram. This is a poem about those things that you learned about, the ones that did not matter.

Rowena on Instagram
Rowena on Instagram: Realm Of The Raven Poetry.

About Rowena

When taking a look at the Instagram profile of Rowena, one sees the work of a talented poetess, who decided to call herself Somewhat writer. This is most certainly a too modest introduction of herself. We think this is a poetess, who has a story to tell. Well, actually, many stories. Stories about love, life and everything in between. Judging on her poems, she experienced both happy and sad times, throughout her life. It gives her inspiration to combine all her thoughts into powerful poems.

About this poem

It was again a difficult decision what to publish. There are so many poems on her website, that should be shared with the rest of the world.

Some things in life are considered mediocre. These are those considered useless facts in life that you learn about. Rowena wrote about how she can show the world, beauty, the most deep, the light and dark. It really doesn’t matter; this is what she knows about love. This love can be for her partner, a family member or a friend. She can also tell you, what it’s not.

This poetess has indeed a story to tell. She could show you the world, but according to her, the one(s) for who she wrote this, deserve someone who gives that love she described.




Knowing so much yet nothing at all

Knowing so much yet nothing at all

i can teach you all about the universe
and it’s stars and moons, the ancient
gods and world’s mysteries.
the forests and the rivers. the flowers
and the meadows and their destiny.

I can teach you foreign languages and
cultures, physiology and art.
i can help you understand the darkest
depths of the human mind and
the treacherous ways of the heart.

And every night i can read you poetry,
teach you all the unfortunate truths and
beautiful lies the words hide.
tell you about nature’s bliss and
heaven’s kiss, the miracle of mornings
and the secrets of the night

but none of it means anything,
because when you ask me about love
all i can tell you

is what it is not


Rowena Bernardus / Realm Of The Raven Poetry

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