Poetry is a form of art that can be used to capture any emotion. Even the most dark ones. This poem, The Ladder, is about what we do to this world and is written by Harm Jagerman.

About the poem

This poem was inspired by two brilliant poets: Emily Dickinson and Edgar Allan Poe. With a modern day twist to reflect this world we live in.


By Harm Jagerman


Climbing the ladder
to the highest point
from where I think about the things that matter
To focus my mind, to pinpoint
What’s important, just to feel better

Beneath me, a world turning
Where fires keep burning
or are they re-lit?
People running, putting out fires,
no way to stop it
Who’s to blame, their ancestors?

Out there, high above the clouds
I see pilars of smoke
causing only doubts
and making everybody choke
Until the last ones finally turn on each other
Cutting out hearts on a plastic altar
Futile sacrifices
with high prices
Only to leave spastic corpses

And when it is done, who will finally turn to me?
Cut my heart out, leaving me empty?
With only a last view
of the beautiful blue sky I once knew
and considered as my friend,
finally turning blood red, while I transcend
into the universe
of total disperse.

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