Leap of faith

The poem Leap of faith is written by the poetess Ruqayya Shaheed. She publishes short poems on social media, for a good reason: the capture the attention of her followers.

About Ruqayya

She felt honoured that we considered her poem Leap of faith to be featured and promoted. She is a marketing specialist, who works for different brands. She writes content and case studies for the firm she works for and for her clients. She does this in Dubai.

She grew up with the best of two cultures: the culture of Trinidad and Tobago and Pakistan. She learned to respect both cultures.

“The love for sands and desert never overtook the love for islands.”

She writes because she wants to share the experiences she has been through. This helps her to let go of the negativity and move on. She feels strongly connected to poetry.

About her work

This poetess realizes we live in an age of advanced technology, or as she calls it: booming technology. There is a difference between those who were born before and after the year 2000. Her poems are therefore, what she calls short.

She publishes her work on the social medium Instagram. In her work, she emphasizes important parts of the poems as if they were handwritten. Very creative and some of them are truly inspiring for others.

Leap of faith

Leap of faith

Taking a leap of faith
by willingly steering
the wheel of destiny
into oblivion
& nothingness

Ruqayya Shaheed / Rush Poetry

Leap of faith
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Leap of faith
The poem "Leap of faith" is written by Ruqayya Shaheed.
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs
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