Let’s make things clear

Let's make things clear

It’s not that we don’t like explaining the way we do things. We like to inform those who want to get their work published. However, sometimes it’s good to make a few things clear to everyone who wants to get promoted by The Ministry of Poetic Affairs.

Let's make things clear

What we don’t do

Sure, there are many social media accounts who do shout outs. There is nothing wrong with that. It’s a great way of getting your work promoted. However, the promotion is limited to that social network you will get promoted on. That is why we don’t just promote your work via a shout out.

We believe there is more to tell and quality is appriciated. That is why we promote poetry in a different way.


Our promotion starts with an article on our website. No, we don’t pretend to have more visitors on our website than any social media channel. The benefit of writing an article about you and your work is that you can be found using search engines. Others than those who are active on social media have the ability to read your work. And who knows, maybe they will set up a social media account just to follow you.

Our articles consists of two main ingredients for all new poets:

  • A section containing a biography, including a motivation why you write poetry.
  • A section that explains what the poem is about.

The effors you have to take to get your work promoted maybe different of the way others do this. But, this is how we do it and to the satisfaction of those who got their work promoted.


We believe that promoting is not just about reposting. We believe that information about the poet and the poem is also very important. This makes people decide to start following you on social media or visit your website more regulary.

Submit your work

If you want to get promoted, you can submit your work. Yes, the easiest way to do this: social media. You can send us a message on the social media platforms we are active on. You can also decide to contact us using Viber, Line, Skype, Telegram or Whatsapp. See the contact page for the details.

The other option is to use the submission form. After submitting your work, an user account is created for you. This helps you to post your new poems more easy. If you want to register first: click here. Already registered, then login!

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