Letter to a friend

Letter to a friend

Letter to a friend is a poem written by Sudhir Kumar Bhoi. This is a poem about seperation of two good friends.

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About Sudhir

Sudhir Kumar Bhoi lives in the Indian state Odisha. He lives in the town Bargarh. In daily life, he is a manager and trainer. He graduated as a civil engineer. He combines his work with writing, because he feels this is his passion.

I write because I want to tell society that there are some points which a poet can only see. A prose or story is a big long pattern of words, which now a days nobody have time to read a long,poem is short and also brief.

About Letter to a friend

This poem is about two who used to hangouts together, share both of their thoughts together ans now both are separated,here the poet writes a letter in the form of a freeverse poetry and then tell her that he will be always for her.

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Letter to a friend

Letter to a friend

By Sudhir Kumar Bhoi

Dear friend,
My friendly salutation to you,
The tangent of our lives touches each other’s circles of depression,
Our friendship eternal,
Our bond unbreakable,
Never feel alone anytime anywhere,
Turn back and see, your friend is there always for you,
To you cheer up, to make you smile, to wipe out every drop of tear,
You are thousands of miles away from me,
I’m in my hometown and you are in California.
When picked up your call,
Listened to your voice after such a long time to say,
Years passed, plants which I planted have now grown to trees,
Did you recall now also moments of hanging out together,
Now also, it felt like at the park sharing our thoughts always ever.
Like this always share your thoughts, my friend,
I will try to be the light when the path will seem more confusing,
I am here still existing.
Will never fade away from your life,
And you will never fade away from mine.

Thank you,

Yours lovingly,

— Silent Whisperer



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