The poem Liar is all about heartbreak, the American poetess Laurie Schreur experienced.

About Laurie

She was delighted to read that we wanted to publish her poem entitled Liar.

I’m Laurie Schreur, I’m from Michigan and I write because I want to give people a voice, I want to show people who I am and write my feelings so I can reach a wide range of an audience. I hope to be an inspiration and an example and show the world who I am and that I have a voice.

About Liar

The poem is about a difficult period that Laurie went through. Her heart was broken, not so long ago.

It hurt me a lot because he said all the right things but threw it in my face later on.



By Laurie Schreur

She looked at you and smiled
Because she’d knew she be okay
You told her all the right things
You knew just what to say
You even told her you’d stay
But you didn’t
You left her broken and incomplete
You ruined her all because of your


Laurie decided to change her Instagram profile to Rea Holiday Writes.

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