Liberation through expression

Liberation through expression

Liberation through expression that was the title she came up with, when we asked Aathira Nair to explain what the poem was about. This is a a poem that she wrote wile she was thinking about what is important for her.

About the poem

Aathira Nair, who uses the delightful Instagram name Sprinkled_with_Sass told us the following about this poem:

 I wrote it down while I was thinking “why penning down my thoughts has become so important for me and what do I get out of it?” And Pat came the answers in the form of this piece 🙂 writing for me is healing and liberating. Also, there are no copyrights mentioned for the picture but I have given credits to the artist, henn_kim cause it surely makes the poem come into life.

This lead to a beautiful poems, like so many poems from her hand. This is a poet, who combines her social life and writing skills into a splendid collage on her Instagram profile.

Liberation through expression

Liberation through expression

I write to bury the negativity;
But also to dig up the buried and broken
self, patch it up and make it vanish into
thin air
I write to liberate myself;
But also to understand the darker side.

Aathira Nair


This poems sums up, what Aathira feels, when she is writing. Or maybe it is better to use the phrase feels about her writing. This is her way to liberate herself.  This leads to a creative outburst, combined into a one stanza-poem. Simple, but very moving. Many poets should be able to relate to this type of poetry.

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