The opportunity to honestly express herself, because the paper never judges her. That is one of the motivations for the Dutch poetess Priscilla van Ham. She wrote the poem Life to show that hard times can be conquered. A motivational and beautiful poem.

Priscilla van HamAbout the poet

Priscilla started writing when she was eleven years old and she never stopped. She shares her work on Instagram and her own website.

Hi my name is Priscilla van Ham. I am 27 years old, I try to contribute towards society by practising design, but I am writing since I was 11 years young.
Writing gives me the opportunity to honestly express how I feel because the paper never judges me. It is and has always been my way of dealing with life.
I actually never shared my written letters untill 2 months ago. My goal in life is to help, inspire and motivate people. So I thought it was time to start sharing my vivid inner world!

About the poem

Life isn’t always easy. Priscilla told us that the poem is about the hard times in life and how to cope with these hard times. Negative experiences should not bring you down, but they need to be the motivation to continue to achieve goals and dreams.

I wrote this text because I needed to remind myself that every bad thing that ever happend to me, specifically this last year will eventually make me a better and much stronger person.


By Priscilla van Ham


When life throws you rocks,
it is actually giving you the opportunity
to build yourself a dreamhouse!

We have to understand
that we need to embrace hardships and downfalls,
because it is in those moments
that you’ll figure out who you are,
where you want to go
and how much strenght you have to keep going!
To keep knocking on doors
that sometimes seem to be closed.

Life can be weird like that
but never give up.
There is no mountain that can’t be climbed!


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