The Chinese-Canadian poetess Sally Yue Lin started publishing her poetry at the end of August. A new profile, that you should consider on following on Instagram.

Sally Yue Lin
Sally Yue Lin
Photo: Instagram.

About Sally Yue Lin

Sally lives in Canada and she writes poetry to process her feelings. She also communicates through poetry: her political beliefs – related to race and ethnicity -, indigenous reconciliation, sexism and many other things she finds important enough to write about.

Sally publishes her work on Instagram.

About Lightness

Lightness is divided in three different sections. It shows the world according to this poetess. She wrote this after a memorial service that was held for a young man, who died recently. She visited this service with her boyfriend. They found themselves at a service from someone who they had a distant connection with. They never met when he was alive.

At this service, they learned a lot about this competitive athlete. It also reminded her, that she knows so many people, who lead strong lives. Sometimes sadness and pain aren’t really visible for close family and friends. They are not able to see the pain.

We look forward reading more poems such as this one! This poem is a lesson. A lesson to never stop looking beyond and listening. There is always more to a story, even if it’s a story with a smile.


It’s the ones who seem
to have their lives sorted
they are the ones
we have to care for more

The ones who
listened to our sorrows
dried our tears
and helped us carry on

They are the ones
we must uplift
be attentive to
their troubles and worries

If they led perfect lives
how could they
have given us solace
during our darkest despair?

Lightness (part three)

Let us reach out
speak out to the ones
who smile through their pain
to bring lightness to our lives

Sally Yue Lin


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