Live to Love

The poem Live to Love tells us about Titilola Giwa’s beliefs when it comes to caring for someone else. Sometimes two people can stay together, no matter what everyone else will think. It will be hard and difficult since these lovers are in another relationship.

About Live to love

When we asked Titilola what the meaning of this poem is (something we do for every poet whose work we promote on this website and is still able to answer our questions), she told us that it’s all about surprising others. When two people care for each other, there may be people who don’t approve of this love. Still, the love they feel for each other can be so powerful that they will eventually surprise everyone.

It’s not only society that condemns this love. There are circumstances that may well lead to a breakup. Call this “the unforeseen.” There comes a time, according to Titilola, that they are able to express their love.

Based on what you believe and the way you were raised (religion), you might agree with Titilola – She is convinced that this love will eventually lead to marriage and children. But, this time has not arrived yet. She is convinced that it will arrive. In the meanwhile, there is this pain:

“This person is in pain. The kind of pain that comes out as a silent scream and nothing can be done about this pain. Except to hope.”

Titilola wrote this poem for what she calls the others (woman, man, person). These are the ones that are considered to be the ones that can damage an existing relationship. Not their own relationship. She knows that this might lead to criticism. When it comes to these situations, she believes that this is caused by love. Love can be beautiful, but it can also be very damaging and hurtful.

Live to Love
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She doesn’t blame the heart or the brain. These are those stolen moments that she describes in her poem, that eventually will have to end. There should be this hope, that they will end and then there is nothing but love.

You might not agree with this point of view. You might be the victim of a situation that Titilola describes in her poem. It takes courage to write about these emotional subjects. This time, we share the views of the other woman. We did write about breakups and heartbreaks in poetry many times. This time, the message from Titilola to all who read her work is:

“My poetry is for everyone. The sinners and saints. Words are free, so let’s just live.”

If you have an opinion about this poem or the situation that she describes, then use the comment section to share your thoughts. You can also submit your poems on this subject to us.

Live to Love

Live to Love

Those stolen moments are the best

in my life and I know, I believe one
day we would not have to steal time
anymore. Time would be ours, to live
and to love

Titilola Giwa

Live to Love
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Live to Love
The words about the other woman, man or person
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs

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