Lonely, not miserable

Lonely, not miserable

Is it bad, when someone hasn’t yet found the love of their live? Is that person miserable? People might think that, based on the words of Rakesh Swain. This is his poem Lonely, not miserable. A statement about being single.

About this poem

Single people aren’t sad people. There are many reasons for someone to stay single, even when this is during their whole lives. This doesn’t mean, that we can judge. People shouldn’t judge, that is the message of this poem written by Rakesh. He takes us with you into his soul, explaining what this poem is about:

This poem is a try to highlight what goes on in an introvert’s world. Not everyone is made to fall in true love. Some just don’t need it. This is just a simple misconception adapted by society.

As always, beautifully written by Rakesh!

Lonely, not miserable

Lonely, not miserable

Why does everyone just assume
that if you are lonely, you have to be
miserable? Why does everyone just
need to be half filled entities trying
to find the other half? Why can’t
some of us be better? Why can’t
some of us be complete by
ourselves? What’s so bad in being a
little selfish when it comes to love,
keeping it all for yourself?

Rakesh Swain


Rakesh publishes on Instagram.

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