Long distance relationship

Long distance relationship

The Irish Sarah was fascinated by the hidden meanings behind metaphors used in poems when she first started reading poetry. Nowadays she writes her own poems, including Long distance relationship.

Sarah on InstagramAbout the poet

My name is Sarah, I’m from Ireland. I’ve always loved studying poetry in school and was fascinated by the hidden meanings behind metaphors and images and symbols. I actually started writing to release some of my bottled up emotions regarding a boy I once loved, I find writing about my feelings ten times more therapeutic than going to a therapist! And yip that’s me!

Sarah publishes her work on Instagram.

About the poem

The poem is about the struggle between lovers from other sides of the globe, and their sudden sad realisation that it simply won’t work out


Long distance relationship

By Sarah


Long distance relationship

My love,
We’d never work.
It’d be like the sun
eloping with the moon,
When they’re only
together for a split second
during a solar eclipse

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