Look inside

Look inside

To write is to inspire. At least, that is what the poetess Prapti Shah tries to do, with her poem Look inside. It is another great example of motivational poetry. The journey to prosperity starts with one important step: to love yourself.

About Prapti

Prapti is a homeopathic doctor, who lives in India. During the time she was at school, she started writing poetry. She recently decided to write under the pen name Whimsical Phoenix.She is passionate everything that has to do with literature and wishes to write her own books in the future. She publishes her work on Instagram and Facebook.

About Look inside

Ah yes, motivational poems. From all the poems, we receive on monthly basis, most of them are meant as a motivation. A motivation to continue, not to give up. Some of them are based on real life experience. As for the poem written by Prapti, this poem is applicable to many of us.

To believe in yourself. That is a good way to start. From there on, it is all about finding your way in life. It doesn’t matter how old you are.


Look inside

Look inside

Face yourself,
Communicate with your soul, your innermost self,
The one you have reserved,
just for your loneliness-
Untainted by the surroundings.
If you overcome the feat
of facing yourself,
You will overcome everything.
Have faith,
Forgive yourself
You owe yourself your own trust.
I promise nothing can break you,
Once you’ve come to terms,
With the actual, real You.

Whimsical Phoenix


The message of this poem

Reading between the lines, one may conclude that the poetess did not always listen to herself. She sums up what listening to yourself leads to. She gives us one promise. That there is a moment, when you have come to terms with yourself, that you are able to find the real you.

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