Look what we have done

Look what we have done

So, the past few days we were working round the clock to come up with something new. We are happy to introduce a new member system. This means all logins for the main website are now disabled. We already set up the new accounts at the right location and informed those who need to be informed.


Over the past few weeks, we received many suggestions on how to improve our website. One of the suggestions stood out: was it possible to simplify the publication of poems and would it be possible to publish the poems real time?

As we saw that not everyone is able to publish the way we want, when it comes down to lay-out, we decided to introduce a new member system. This member system is actually an online portfolio for those who write for us. We offer the chance to create your portfolio and start submitting.

We decided to set up the member system as follows: the users can write as much as they want on their own portfolio. When writing it is possible to notify the editors of The Ministry of Poetic Affairs, so that the poem can be published on the main website as well.

Don’t worry, we will not force you to create an user account. You can still submit your work using this link and without user registration.

Are you ready to register? Click here!

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The contact form of this website was disabled. The project "The Ministry of Poetic Affairs" is no longer an active project. See for more information: www.letsagreeitsart.com.

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