Lost in the open

Lost in the open

Movies can be a source of inspiration to write poems about. Be careful not to overdo it, when directly quoting movie lines, without naming the origin of the quoted lines. Salik made a good compromise. Even though the poem Lost in the open is inspired by the movie Life of Pi, it doesn’t contain movie lines.

About the poem

Salik, on Instagram he uses the name Salikwrites, shared the poem Lost in the open with us. When we asked what the poem is about, he gave the following answer:

This poem was written from a saloirs on a shipwreck’s point of view. Inspired by the movie Life of Pi.

Lost in the open

By Salikwrites

Lost in the open

Lost somewhere, in this vast horizon
Hungry. All alone
The thought of my yacht still worries me
Adios, beloved haunted bone

Seeking for God’s angel
In the wide open
Oh! I cannot take it anymore!
I beg, please take my soul

It scares me
This deep blue carpet
They scare me
The monsters beneath

Six days have passed
Since the moment that frights me
My life sunk down
My crew, of whom I do not know any whereabouts

Is this what my end will come to?
My family awaiting my arrival
Oh God! Which sin have I committed
I am alone. All alone.

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