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She isn’t one of those poets who is known to everyone. That is why would like to take the time to introduce the poetess Sarah Fuller Flower Adams with her poem Love.

Sarah Fuller Flower Adams
Sarah Fuller Flower Adams
Source: Wikimedia

Born in 1805, she remains a mystery. About her life, there are a few facts certain. She married in 1834 and had to give up her aspirations to become an actress because of health issues. She died at the age of only 43. More details about her life can be found on the Wikipedia page of Sarah Fuller Flower Adams.



O Love! thou makest all things even
In earth or heaven;
Finding thy way through prison-bars
Up to the stars;
Or, true to the Almighty plan,
That out of dust created man,
Thou lookest in a grave,–to see
Thine immortality!

Sarah Fuller Flower Adams

What does this poem mean? It shows that there is something more to this world and it has to come from “above.” The poetess doesn’t touch a subject of religion in a way that most of her fellow poets in her time did. This could be about any religion. It’s her way of telling us that we need to take into consideration that one day it can all end.

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