Love in disguise

Love in disguise

Thomas Parnell, another poet like Thomas Warton, who belonged to the group of poets we nowadays known as the Graveyard poets. Parnell wrote the poem Love in disguise.

Thomas ParnellAbout the poet

Parnell was born on September 11 1679 as the son of Thomas Parnell of Maryborough. This landowner had been a supporter for Oliver Cromwell during the English Civil War (1642-1651) and moved to Ireland after the death of Cromwell in 1658. His son, Richard, was not able to lead the country and the parliament restored the power of Charles II.

Thomas would receive his education at Trinity College in Dublin. He would travel a lot to London, where he became friends with Alexander Pope and Jonathan Swift. They would meet in the Scriblerus Club.

During this time he helped Pope out with the translation of The Iliad. But, he will be mostly remembered by his poem A night-piece on death. This poem marks the beginning of the Graveyard poetry-era. This poem was published when he was alive, but after his death on October 24 1718, it was strongly edited by Pope.

Parnell died on his way back from London to Ireland.





Love In disguise

By Thomas Parnell

Love in disguise

To stifle Passion is no easy Thing,
A Heart in Love is always on the Wing;
The bold Betrayer flutters still,
And fans the Breath prepar’d to tell:
It melts the Tongue, and tunes the Throat,
And moves the Lips to form the Note;
And when the Speech is lost,
It then sends out its Ghost,
A little Sigh,
To say we dye.
‘Tis strange the Air that Cools, a Flame shou’d prove,
But wonder not, it is the Air of Love.
Yet Chloris I can make my Love look well,
And cover bleeding Wounds I can’t conceal,
My Words such artful Accents break,
You think I rather act than speak:
My Sighs enliven’d thro’ a Smile,
Your unsuspecting Thoughts beguile;
My Eyes are vary’d so,
You can’t their Wishes know:
And I’m so gay,
You think I play.
Happy Contrivance! such as can’t be priz’d,
To Live in Love, and yet to Live disguis’d.

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