Love is Love is Love is Love

Love is Love is Love is Love

The poem Love is Love is Love is Love is about how people see true love, even if it is between people of the same sex.

About the poem

“Love is Love is Love is Love” is a piece on love, it tells the people who show hate towards the LGBTQPAI+ community that their love is invalid, to let go of the hate, cause love have no gender of its own. It’s universal. It’s​ a beautiful thing and there is nothing to show hate about.
The motivation behind this piece is the Pride Month, that is, the month of June. To show that no matter what, love will be love, even if you can’t accept that.

Love is Love is Love is Love

By Shikhar Singhal

Love is Love is Love is Love

If someone shows you their true hues,
Don’t try to repaint them,
It wasn’t for them to choose,
You got no right to condemn.

Don’t steal their thunder,
It’s their time to shine,
Let them be that wonder,
That was given by that divine.

Love is the basic human right,
Who are you to judge,
Don’t try to dim their bright,
Who are you to keep a grudge.

Love is love is love is love,
Don’t try to define it your way,
This is all set from above,
Let’s hold hands and keep hate at bay.

Love brings us different kinds of joys,
There’s no set rules to follow,
In life’s fast paced game, we’re all god’s toys,
Without love in us, the life becomes hollow.

Loving someone need not see borders,
As love is self-transcending,
One must always follow their heart’s orders,
And keep away from petty resenting.

Why is it so hard for you to accept,
That love got no gender,
Let’s make this promise that needs to be kept,
Remember that love is not your contender.

So love all, hate none,
That’s how the world should function,
Lesbian or Gay, Bi or Trans, we should love everyone,
For Love is a train and our heart is its junction.

Spread love throughout endlessly
Rather than, keeping it to yourself, selfishly.


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