Love is…

Love is

Let’s take the time to cover a poem written by Lévi Weemoedt. This poem is about love. It tries to define love.

About the poet

Lévi Weemoedt is the pseudonym of Isaäck Jacobus van Wijk. Van Wijk was born in October 22 1948 in the Dutch city Vlaardingen (near Rotterdam). He is known for his novels and his poems.

Van Wijk studied Dutch language- and literature at the Leiden University. He was a teacher at a high school, but found this not rewarding enough. He decided to write books and poems. These are a mixture of tragedy and comedy.

Love is...

The poem

The English translation

Love is…

By Lévi Weemoedt

Oh! How many cups did I pull from this tea bag?
In how many verses did I sang about your face?
Yes, how many times did the sun disappear into the sea?
And how much tar was left behind in my lungs?

On how many bicycles did I ride to you daily?
And how many excuses have risen in you?

So many, that it’s statistically proven:
“Love is such a sad thing…”

The original version (in Dutch)

Liefde is…..

Ach! Hoeveel kopjes trok ik van dit zakje thee?
In hoeveel verzen heb ik jouw gezicht bezongen?
Ja, hoeveel maal verdween de zon in zee?
En hoeveel teer bleef achter in mijn longen?

Op hoeveel fietsen reed ik daaglijks naar je toe?
En hoeveel smoesjes zijn er in je opgerezen?

Zó veel, dat thans statistisch is bewezen:
‘De liefde is toch zo een droef gedoe…’

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