Love joins us

Love joins us

I was thinking about how love knows nothing of distance, whether that is in miles or across that great divide that we call death. This got me thinking of my long since departed father and then the writing of this poem.

About the poet

I have been fascinated by words since I was very young. The Sonnets William Shakespeare I suppose my first love, his use of language beguiled and drew me in. I think at that point I knew I had to write. For many years, well most of my life my writing was just for me plus the odd little token to a loved one. Over the past few years, I have felt like sharing my work with the wider world. This has given me a confidence in my work that I have thrived on. I write every day and will often set myself challenges to write poetry using different styles and forms.

Love Joins Us

The Ordinary Poet

Love joins us

Miles apart,
With different lives,
But in my thoughts.

Every day,
Just thinking of you,
Brings you closer.

Distant worlds,
Separate us now,
But love joins us.

I miss you,
And long to see you,
To be near you.

This distance,
May keep us apart,
But love joins us.

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