The poet Shikar Singhal was inspired by the Indian city Lucknow (Lakhnaū) to write the poem with the same title.

The poet Shikhar Singhal was inspired by the Indian city Lucknow (Lakhnaū) to write the poem with the same title.

Lucknow in 1858
Lucknow in 1858.
Image source: Wikimedia Commons

About the city

The city Lucknow is the capitol of the Indian state Uttar Pradesh. The district where this city is located in, has the same name as the city.

The city has always been a multi-cultural city during history. The City of the Nawabs is the unofficial name of this city. Some prefer to call this city the Golden City of the East.

After 1350, the city was an important city for the sultans of the Mogol Empire. During the Indian Rebellion of 1857 against the British Empire, this city played an important role. The people in the city actively played a role in India’s independence movement.

A city with a rich history and a rich culture. This inspired Shikar to write his beautiful poem about this city.

Photo: Shikhar Singhal (Instagram)




The lines and curves
Makes me fall in love
With you,
Making me realise
How much you have
Changed me,
You gave me hope,
Something to hold
On, On the people,
And the things I
Love dearly.


You have shown me,
You don’t have to
Be from here, to be
Someone who feels,
This is the place
Which was made
For someone
As lost as me,
Who’s still figuring
Out the in’s and out’s
Of the universe
The universe of my
Limit, the universe
Of my clingy heart
Which never forgets
To miss people I’m
Not supposed to be
Or my stupid brain
Who thinks of things
That are not supposed
To be thought about.


I’m as lost as the
Person who can easily
Lose themselves,
In the Bhul Bhulayiya,
If they don’t have the
Guide with them,
But I guess I’ve lost,
My guide, somewhere
Amidst the beauty
Of the 2 am drive,
Or in the smoke of
The flavored hookah,
Or in the places,
Where I’ve never been.


I think this city
Must be called
The city of lost souls,
Because somehow,
The lost souls find
A friend in here,
And because you
Can lose yourself
Amongst the highways
And narrow pathways
And then truly find
Where I never
Thought, someone
Could reach.

Shikhar Singhal

About the poet

We have published work of this poet before. He decided to use another account, to share his poetry. He also publishes his work on his personal WordPress website.

His motto: Spoken word poetry is love. A beautiful motto to live by!

Shikhar wrote this poem as part of a competition for one of the Indian poetry pages. He wanted to express his love for this city and how it had such a great impact on his life. His life changed, after he moved to this city. This city is forever in his heart.

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