Magic and miracles

Magic and miracles

It is time to feature the poem Magic and miracles by Krunali Daga. A poem about magic, other than card tricks. Magic is something that can make you smile, according to Krunali.

About the poet

Krunali lives in India and she writes poetry:

I write because,
When it’s dark and dusky,
Words are shiny stars…

When illusion falls apart,
words hold my heart…

When hurricanes hit shores,
words pacify rain…

When vallyes echo back,
words sing song…

When swords give scars,
words heel each wound…

How can we not use this poem as a good motivation why Krunali writes? If you want to follow her on Instagram, you should click here.

About the poem

Why I wrote this poem? Well I believe magic is not what people do with cards tricks. Magic is something that just can make you smile. Magic and miracles do happen in every split of second and for everyone. You just have to see right through them. This magic and miracles makes this world better place. So, I wrote this piece.


Magic and miracles

Magic and miracles

By Krunali Daga

I wish on a shooting star.
I pray before bedtime.
I keep peacock
features in my book.
I like in silver
lining of dark clouds.
I believe in love
at first sight.
I know water can
turn into whiskey.
I just believe in
magic and miracles,
which makes this
world a better place.

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