The echoes of the horrific events that took place in Manchester are still trembling on. On various news websites, you can follow live blogs about the latest developments. Our hearts go out to those who lost their lives or got wounded and their family and friends.

The terrorist attack dominates the news. Great Britain was again the scene of another terrorist attack. At The Ministry of Poetic Affairs, we believe in freedom and freedom of speech. The ability to speak when you have the chance to speak. If there is no chance to speak freely in the country where you live, we will do anything to get your message across. Terrorists attack like these, should not hinder the freedom of speech.

Our thoughts go out to those who need it. Whoever you are, wherever you are. You are allowed to feel angry or sad about these events. We wish we had the solution to this all. The solution should be simple: extremism doesn’t deserve a place in this world we live in. Yet, it is here and many people believe that turning to violence is the solution. An eye for an eye, they say. Therefore, they think it is justified to kill innocent children in Manchester, because of the casualties in cities like Mosul or Raqqa and other cities. A discussion that unfortunately cannot be won with reason, so it seems.

Our mission is to give the world a platform for poetry. However, we don’t close our eyes for the events that take place in the real world. Tragic events such as these. Events that mark history and in this case in a negative way.

The poem below is an attempt to describe the senselessness of this all. This poem is written by Harm Jagerman. If you want to share your thoughts through poetry about these events, you can share your work with us.


By Harm


Every attempt to write
Will not bring back the light,
that someone stole from their eyes
All that remains is the cries
of those left behind
with one question on their mind
This abrupt goodbye.


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