Maybe both

Maybe both

Christina Munoz wrote the poem Maybe both that was written a long time ago. It’s about the realisation that you have lost someone you are in love with and let them go – in order to be free. 

About Christina Munoz

When reading poetry on the social medium Instagram, there is a good chance you will stumble across the work of Christina Munoz. It’s time therefore to introduce this poetess, if you didn’t hear of her yet.

Christina is an Australian poetess. She describes herself as androgynous gay poet/writer/lyricist. She started writing when she was 21 years old and this lead to the publication of her work. She then decided not to write for over two decades1. Luckily for us, she again started in 2016 and this left us so far with various beautiful poems.

The poems that Christina writes are longer than most other poems we find on Instagram and other social media. The poems contain a strong storyline. This is a form of poetry, that we believe is on a higher level. But, this has to be your thing. Not everyone is into these extensive poems. But, isn’t that the beauty of poetry: the ability to select what you read. As far as Christina concerns, she is writing and we hope there will be no more pauses!

This poetess had been published in several magazines, such as Hellbent Magazine and Wanderlust Magazine. On Instagram you can find her under the pen name ChristinaMunoz8.

About Maybe both

Oh, this is just heartbreak. Heartbreak put together in a wonderful poem entitled Maybe both. It deals with the struggle after a breakup. Christina manages to find the right words to explain the hope that is in someway still there after a breakup. The hope, you will finally see the other again, but this won’t happen. In her own words:

Maybe Both’ is a poem I got down over two decades ago. It’s about coming to terms with realising the moment you may have lost someone you’re in love with because you left it too late to let them know how you really feel. And because you no longer come first, unless that changes they lost you in that moment too.

It’s the moment you realise, that time should stand still – but it isn’t. This impact, this feeling, it’s all caught in one wonderful poem!

1 – See the update after the poem about Christina’s publications.

Maybe both

By Christina Munoz

Maybe both

I can pinpoint
the exact moment
I lost you or you lost me
I’m not sure which yet
as a scar refuses to form
keeping my heart raw
feels like maybe both

It wasn’t while
I witnessed you
kissing another
charing out those
so familiar doors
past the bouncers
without you

I stopped running
landing on the same spot
where not many nights before
you had fallen on top of me
just when I was a breath away
from admitting how I feel
you took all the words
from my mouth
with yours

This time I stood still
before slowly
turning around
suddenly hoping
you would be standing
in front of me
only to find you
not there.


Christina gave us some extra information about her publications. She still kept writing, when she decided not to seak for ways to get her work published. She stopped submitting her work to publishers. She filed her work, until last year.

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