Maybe we’ll fall again

Maybe we'll fall again

Abheet Tomar wrote a poem about the relationship that ended. With this poem, he wants to show that we all try to make things work.

About the poet

Abheet Tomar

Abheet is eighteen years old and lives in India. Currently he is following a bachelor in Psychology. He writes poetry for a good reason:

I’m into poetry, because that’s one of the instruments to project the expression of the heart.

Abheet is worth to follow on Instagram.

About the poem

Abheet wrote the poem based on his experiences in his past relationship. He told us that many couples experience the same issues he dealt with. The weakening of a relationship, even though we all would like to fulfil to claim to that true love.

Maybe we’ll fall again

By Abheet Tomar

Maybe we'll fall again

Maybe we’ll
fall again,
Not by grace
but untied lace
Not by lies
But by inattempted
Maybe, we’ll fall


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