“Me thinks this heart…”

"Me thinks this heart..."

In her poem “me thinks this heart…” the poetess Emily Brontë emphasis the importance of that what we cannot really own. It isn’t something material, it’s all about how we must never stop using our imagination.


In a way, this poem is Brontë’s own analysis. She discusses what she needs and most of all, this is to take some rest. In this poem, she explains what nature can to do her. Consider this to be a journey into nature, in search of the rest she needs.

"Me thinks this heart..."


“Me thinks this heart…”

Me thinks this heart should rest awhile
So stilly round the evening falls
The veiled sun sheds no parting smile
Nor mirth nor music wakes my Halls

I have sat lonely all the day
Watching the drizzly mist descend
And first conceal the hills in grey
And then along the valleys wend

And I have sat and watched the trees
And the sad flowers how drear they blow
Those flowers were formed to feel the breeze
Wave their light leaves in summer’s glow

Yet their lives passed in gloomy woe
And hopeless comes its dark decline
And I lament because I know
That cold departure pictures mine

Emily Bronte


Wuthering Heights

This is one of the well-known poems written by this Brontë-sister. Since she died at the age of only 30, it goes without saying that her legacy is important, but it could have been much bigger. Brontë died on December 19, 1848. Together with her other sisters, Anne and Charlotte, she made fame by writing under a pseudonym (Ellis Bell). Later she would write under her own name.

This Brontë sister is mostly remembered for the novel Wuthering Heights (1847), that was also published under the pseudonym Ellis Bell. It would be her final book, as she died almost a year later.


"Me thinks this heart..."
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"Me thinks this heart..."
Her heart needs some rest.
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