Meet Clou!


It’s time you meet Clou! She writes wonderful poetry, that she combines with her own creations. As from April 29 2017, you can buy her work via Etsy.

Poems by ClouClou McEvoy is the owner of a recently opened Etsy shop. She writes poetry and publishes her work on Instagram, Twitter and on her own portfolio page. She sells her work using Etsy. We asked her to share some thoughts about herself and her work.

I’m Clou. I’m a word loving, half rhyming, ink illustrating, animal loving, vegetable eating, anxiety surviving, dream chasing, magic believer, voracious reader, emoji appreciator (and all round creative soul)

This English poetess is worth to follow and it was almost impossible for us to choose a poem to be published. That is why we gladly share two of her poems with you. You can buy them using this link or the link at the sidebar of our website (only visible on the full version of the website).







Life’s one long journey
A new journey with each day
You’ll never need a compass –
Let your heartstrings lead the way.




Her freedom convicted
to a life behind bars.
Yet not her pain,
nor each of her scars,
Would deter this Earth
from her lustrous light.
Her feathers were simply just too bright.

So still, she sings
With all her heart.
Sends her voice to the world
through the gaps in the bars.
Her mind and soul, in every part:
Related innately through music and art.

This cruel life
Did clip her wings,
But at least now
I know why,
the caged bird sings.

Final words

Normally we don’t do this, but these words of Clou were so sweet, that we feel so proud that she wrote this, to end the biography she submitted to us:

Amazing!! Thank you!! From one creative soul to another, go and enjoy!

Thank you very much Clou, we appriciate your kind words!


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