We are fortunate to have so many poets, who support the things we do. But, in the end, we are there to support those poets. Take for instance the poet Luiz D. Syphre, he supplied us with several of his poems. His poems are written from the heart, just like Memory is.

The life of this poet has not been easy for him. Earlier we gave some background information about his personal life. You can read more about his personal life in this article. Luiz D. Syphre is the pen name of Ivan Martinez.

The poem Memory is one about two former lovers, who meet each other again. They have a history together, that includes the birth of kids. Separation is not easy. Love turned to anger, maybe hate. A powerful poem, about these moments when the two of them meet. Ivan speaks from his own experience and lets his pen flow, leading to a poem with six stanzas. Six stanzas of emotions.



Thus we meet
one last time
the sands in glass
pebbles alas pass

where happiness once amassed
now bitterness fills the empty vast
our kids have grown so fast
with curiosity and love
they once asked and asked

why to nothingness was I then cast?
is it your happiness as I’m aghast?
darkness stings like shrapnel glass
our memories from walls of time
you’ve sandblast

thus we meet, a last time
once so beautiful, now it grimes
day and night, our memories grind
Hoping one last time
bliss to find

we cannot accept the fate we’ve signed
to each other we are blind
even as you are my only life bind
our paths will no longer twine

thus we meet, this last time
to past winds forever forward
we’ll be confined
my beautiful queen once defined
now just a memory as outlined…

Luiz D. Syphre

Your emotions

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