This is a reflection on today's girls's thoughts and desires.

Aastikta Sharma wrote a poem about the thoughts and desires of a girl. This software developper from the United States writes her poetry on Instagram, Facebook and her own website.

About the poet

I am a software developer and a hobbyist blogger who loves writing short stories and poems.

About the poem

This is a reflection on today’s girls’s thoughts and desires.


By Aastikta Sharma


Mirror mirror on the wall,
Stop asking that question at all.
It’s never about the reflection you see,
It’s always what’s within after all.
A fair complexion isn’t the ideal color,
In fact, complexion isn’t the true judgment call.
Pretty isn’t what defines the beauty,
Stop worrying to look like a doll.
Define the beauty your heart desires,
Let it be the wrinkles or that old mole.
Be the carving of your true nature,
Cos you are the Cinderella and the world is your ball.

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