A few days ago, I posted a poem about money. All the money in the world can’t buy the things that are important: health, family or friends. These are a few examples that money isn’t able to buy. Some people in this world don’t seem to realize this. This poem is an attempt to change that way of thinking.






Money is worthless
I know some find this senseless
But some value money more,
than things they should really adore


Money can’t buy you skies of blue,
Even if you want to
It can’t be bought
Is this really what you thought?


Money can’t buy you real wealth
It can’t improve your health
Is this what you believe?
Stop this misconceive!


Money has no esteem,
if you really know what I mean
There are things in this world more precious,
and even more delicious


Deliciously preciously
Things that leave you breathlessly
Money can’t buy those, they are free
I wish more of you could see


See the green grass waving in the wind
and don’t be blind,
to the laugh of a child
and make yourself reconciled


Beauty is more valuable than any gold
I know this from those who told
me about the real important things under the sun
Worth more than a ton


Money isn’t all useless,
don’t forget that if you have less
There is reason to complain,
‘cause then you can’t feed your body and brain

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