Moon Lake Musk

Moon Lake Musk

0Layinka wrote the poem Moon Lake Musk. This poem was inspired by her first trip to Europe. It goes without saying that we are more than happy to promote her work as a poet.

Moon Lake Musk

About the poet

0layinka is a 21 year old student who lives in Australia. She loves table tennis, Eighties horror movies and wants to become a novelist one day.

About the poem

The poem Moon Lake Musk was inspired by the thoughts about her first trip to Europe. She wrote the poem one evening by candlelight in her room.

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Moon Lake Musk

Moon Lake Musk

By 0Layinka

When I think of London,
It’s not the bustling atmosphere I remember,
But the scent of my aunt’s soap
In the hemial mornings.
Moon lake musk,
Infused with tender vanilla.
I think of Battersea Park
And its fallen leaves;



Since the previous account of 0layinka was compromised, she started a new account:

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