More tools for writers

More tools for writers

As promised in our article about the tools for writers, we would provide more tips for free software for writers. The list of free software you can use to help you writing is enormous. We could write tons of articles about nifty software. We will take a look at, what we think, are tools you can consider as must haves. The good news: they’re all free to use!


When looking at the official website of yWriter, it looks like time stood still. The website isn’t that fancy, but it seems to fit the way yWriter presents itself: a project planning tool. This tool helps you with everything that has to do with your writing process.

The program requires you to register, before using. There is no subscription fee to use this software. This software can be used on your computer and your mobile device.
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WordPress Desktop App

When you publish your website on or a self-hosted WordPress blog, you can use a desktop or mobile app to publish your work. This app is for free and you can manage most parts of your website with this app.

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This is basically what the WordPress app also does: publishing. This app focusses not just on WordPress, but offers a variety of blog platforms to choose from. The downside: it’s just for writing, not for managing your website.

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It isn’t actually software, but a very impressive website. It focusses on rhyming, but you can also look up definitions of words.

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Essential PIM

Communication is an important part of the process of writing. For instance, if you want to submit your work to us, you will fill out the online form. Once you have done this, we will send an automated confirmation. During the review process of your poem, we may have additional questions. You can use Essential PIM as an e-mail client. This e-mail client comes with a free calendar and tasks list.

The full version of this software doesn’t require a large investment. You can read more about this software at:

Mozilla Thunderbird

Many of you use the browser Firefox. Did you know, the Mozilla Foundation offers additional software, such as Thunderbird? This is a fully functioning e-mail client with a lot of extras. Using add ins you can enhance this program and customize it to your needs.

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Mozilla Sunbird / Lightning Calendar

Actually, this is an add on for Mozilla Thunderbird. This offers you the chance to use a calendar, that can be synchronized with your online calendars. Planning is an essential part of your writing process, so why not use software that is very helpful and easy to understand?

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The last bit of software we will cover from the Mozilla Foundation is Pocket. You might want to read something later, but on another device. Pocket helps you with this. You can save the articles you will find important using Pocket.

Read more: This link.


LT / LanguageTool

This website helps you with proofreading your text. Remember, this is not the same as a human that reads your text. This website comes very close.

Read more: and Merriam-Webster is an online dictionary focused on American-English. Merriam-Webster is one of the oldest dictionaries and is also available online.

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Your tips?

This concludes our section of essential software for writers. As mentioned before, the list is very long. We could write many more articles about software like this. If you want to write about your favorite software, you can! Contact us for more information.








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