Mother III

Mother III

This is me regretting the time I spent not being with my mother. Old age is cruel and the slow realisation of your body changing and retreating support is such a pain. I request every kid be there for your parents and help them as they grow old, they helped you grow up.

About the poet

I am a poet and amateur sketch artist. I work with an NGO for women’s health and hygiene in rural India.

I share my work on Instagram.

About the poem

I never noticed my mother growing old, I was so self-involved growing up. I wish I were there for her easing her into old age but now as she is ill, fighting brain-haemorrhage, she looks so frail and tiny and it just fills me with regret at the time I lost with her.

Mother III

By Tanaya Mohanty

Mother III

It’s difficult to breathe
watching air slowly
trying to escape your lungs,
your skin wilting
and trying to shade
the smile in your eyes.
You look more and more beautiful to me
with each passing day
and yet I cannot understand
the sadness in your mirror.

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