Mother Nature

A poem written by Ilja Geluk about nature: "Mother Nature."

We stated it for so many, many, many times: nature is a great inspiration for poets to write about. Ilja Geluk, we featured her work before, wrote about the interaction with people and how she gets tired of this. Mother Nature, even so complex, demands nothing from you. This is the poem Mother Nature.

About Ilja

When she is not writing, Ilja studies. She studies Applied Mathematics. Writing (poetry) is her passion. This has lead to an interesting combination of poetry on her Instagram profile.

About Mother Nature

Ilja thinks the poem speaks for itself. Sometimes the interaction with other people can be very tiring. She is not the one to confide to total solitairy, but sometimes, this poetess needs to step away.

When she walks around in nature, she finds that there is nothing demaning there. This simplicity is a very big contrast with the complexity of natural phenomena.


This is Ilja’s ode to that feeling she experiences. The simplicity, the complexity, in short: the glory.

Mother Nature

Mother Nature

For many a nights I prefer her company over that
of other people. In her contradiction that she is so
much less complicated for she does not care who or
what I am. Nor how I feel or what I do.
Yet at the same time she is so much more complex
in what causes her to be just as she is.

A stormy night under stray rays of silver moonlight,
I can be just what I am.
No thoughts, no feelings.
Only Mother Nature in my head and heart.
A blank canvas that is nothing, yet everything.

And I love that.

Ilja Geluk / Geluk.Is.Poetry

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