Mother’s Message

The American poet Zac Brown decided to join our Poetry Challenge: Mother Earth. He wrote the poem Mother’s Message. It is as if (Mother) Earth tells us something. Something important.

About the poem

Zac joined our previous poetry challenge too. This time, he decided to write as if (Mother) Earth wants to tell us something. This is an important message, that fits right in our challenge. This challenge is about the things we do to the planet we live on and about climate change.

When asked, Zac told us the following message is in this poem:

“As ancient as the world is, a lost message hidden in the valley was written, during the first scarring of the Earth by humans.”

Indeed, Zac refers to ancient times. His message is about what we do wrong. About the need to destroy what is beautiful, with a grim outlook. A clear message, hidden inside a beautiful written poem.

Zac publishes his work on Instagram (Zac and his Pen). We are following this poet on Instagram, are you yet?!

Mother's Message

Mother’s Message

Children of the forest,
Villains of the city,
Listen to my chorus,
And fill me with pity…

“Warfare and saw-blades take aid in the masquerade.
Cutting and killing for acute greed and grade,
Just to waste what was gathered from my most merry cave.

Great reason for the gather and greater reason to replenish,
Yet the soil of my youth has been siphoned without penance.
I am but toils to the ciphers of my guests’ devout dependence.”

Listen closely my dear children and villains,
Thou shall not selfishly deplete the Shepherd’s Purse,
Though it is in your nature from uterus to birth.
Should you have empathy for yourself and thine own children of worth,
You should have the same great empathy and gratitude for lovely Mother Earth.

Zac Brown

More information

Read more about our Poetry Challenge Mother Earth, by clicking here.

Mother's Message
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Mother's Message
A poem about the things we do wrong, when it comes to the protection of our planet.
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs
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