On this day, May 14th many countries celebrate Mothersday. This day we pay respect to women all over the world who are mothers. There is always an other side to this day. Think for a moment about those women who were mothers, who wanted to be mothers or can’t be mothers. This is a salute to those who can’t feel the love on this day.

About the poem

As a father of two children, we celebrated Mothersday. Even when I think of this as a day that shouldn’t be. Don’t get me wrong. Paying respect is a good thing. I often ask myself the question why this day should be any different from other days. Respect and love are not limited to one day, even when many companies want us to get involved with this day. There is another question that keeps on repeating itself: And how about those women who can’t feel the love on this day? This poem is my respect for those women who can’t feel or experience the love on this day. A respect, a salute.


By Harm



This is for all mothers,
who are,
who were,
who will never be
or can’t
At times like these you look at others
It sparkles a memoir
of what was once there,
maybe never to see
Something so hard to understand
My salute goes out to you
with respect, it’s true
Days like these must be so difficult
with the memories you hold
and maybe there’s a voice inside
telling you about wrongs and rights
Endless mind fights
Don’t feel denied,
because on this day
your voice hasn’t died
and you may
cry, scream or shout
You’re not a sellout
Oh no, never say
that you’re less
and feel the need to suppress
the feelings causing distress.

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