Move away from the chaos

Deepasha Kapoor send us another beautiful poem she wrote. We are more than happy to share this poem on our website. Your work can be featured on our website too! Contact us for more information or use our online submission form.

About this poem

We asked Deepasha to share her thoughts on this poem. She told us, that this poem is about how beautiful love us. But, there is also a downside. There is a need to step away from the chaos and foulness into the land – what Deepasha calls – chivalry and valor.

The poem is written from a girl’s perspective. The girl wants to make the world she lives in peaceful, so she can enjoy the beauty. She asks to fly to a place, where no one knows who the two lovers are and just be very much in love there.

Deepasha published this poem earlier on Instagram, before submitting this poem to us.


Move away from the chaos

My soul floats from the body
to meet yours in a meadow,
away and above, they go together
to talk of love, to talk of their beloved.

Deepasha Kapoor


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