Music, my inspiration

Music, my inspiration

Poetry is the result of many forms of inspiration. Music is most definitely one of the biggest forms of inspiration. Esmee wrote a poem about her inspiration; music. Music my inspiration is written under her pen name Poetryesmee.

The origins of poetry probably date back to the time when people started making music. It’s not quite clear when poetry was invented. Just like the invention of the wheel, we cannot pinpoint anyone who comes close to the inventor of this. But, it’s there and many poets around the globe write poetry every day. Inspired by events, nature, literature and music – to name just a few of inspirational sources – they write beautiful poetry. So did Esmee with her poem Music, my isolation.

About the poem

This poem I wrote because music is my greatest source of inspiration. When I write when music is playing, I forget everything around me. Those who know me, are aware of the fact that I cannot be disturbed during these moments. Especially I my room, I shut myself off and write about my emotions. I do this, so that others won’t see my emotions. There are those who don’t read my poetry (a deliberate choice), so that they cannot see my emotions.

You can follow Esmee on Instagram where she uses the pen name Poetryesmee.


Music, my inspiration

By Poetryesmee

Music, my inspiration

That feeling when the music turns on
And all the things around me
At that moment they’re just gone
The moment, the place to be


Just the music and me
I feel free
Writing and letting my emotions go
Emotions, I don’t want to show


In my room nobody will disturb me
My emotions in the poems, they won’t see
The music, my inspiration
My isolation

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