My angel

My angel

Poetry about the love a parent can feel for their children can be both beautiful and strong. Kat –¬†Poetrybykitkat on Instagram– proved this with a beautiful poem about her daughter.

My angel

About the poem

When we asked Kat what the motivation was to write this beautiful poem, she gave us the following answer:

I wrote this one to express my adoration for my daughter. How children affect you in so many ways, days of despair, worry, anxiety but also laughter, affection and pure love for the children we bring into this world. Sometimes my heart hurts at how much I love my children.
She is my beautiful wild flower.

Keep on writing, Kat! Your words are beautiful! If you want to follow her on Instagram, click here.

My angel


My angel

By Poetrybykitkat
She is my beautiful wild flower,
Part me, part Mother Nature,
She has the most considerate heart,
A caring, wonderful creature.
You can almost see her pearlescent wings,
And feel the breeze as they delicately flap,
When she floats to those who need comfort,
Into her arms she closely wraps.

Her soul is pure goodness,
It seeps through her dusky pink skin,
Her eyes shine like the North Star
Guiding everybody in-
To feel her presence of warmth and love,
And blanket people with delight
For she is my daughter and my compass,
As she guides me back into the light.

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