My Cochlea Needs

My cochlea needs
The poem "My Cochlea Needs"is a poem written by the American poet Zac Brown. This poem tells us his vision on music: powerful and important.

The poem My Cochlea Needs is a poem written by the American poet Zac Brown. This poem tells us his vision on music: powerful and important.


My Cochlea Needs… Zac refers to this small part of your body that plays an essential role in the process of hearing; music, sounds etcetera. The cochlea is part of the inner ear as you can read on this page.

The importance of hearing and music is the subject of many poems. When it comes to this poem, Zac stresses out the importance of music. It both powerful and it gives power.

“Music is so powerful. More powerful than any drug.”

The poem written by Zac flows like music. He shows us that music can be so much more. Consider this to be his medication and meditation.

“They help express emotions, they link to things that have happened in my past, creating an understandable identity. I realized my music listening is a creed. It aids in my actions, views and understanding of the world… I feel like I fall behind when i don’t tune in and listen, and I become starved.”

Who can argue with this? Like before, this is a beautiful written poem. Straight from the heart, just as we seen before in the work of this talented poet.

My Cochlea Needs

My Cochlea Needs

My ears are what I need.
My cochlea creed, I feed.
Songs tweet for a growing seed.
Roots attach, they flow, they bleed.
This tunes a match, I follow, it leads.

It flows in, flows out and back again,
The plains in my brain catch the wind,
And a vibe sways them to perfection.

Each hole in my soul is filled whole,
Sweet nerves are chilled and willful,
As strings lift me up like an angel.

I come back down refreshed and ready,
My mind is sound, rested and steady,
I think crystal clear, I’ve found my Serengeti.

This tune’s a match, I lead, it follows,
Roots attach, they bleed, they flow,
Songs tweet from a fully grown tree.
I fed my cochlea creed,
Because my ears are what I need.

Zac Brown

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My Cochlea Needs
Source: Zac Brown.

Just in case you missed this: Zac publishes his work on Instagram. Click here to view his profile.

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