My Gender

My Gender

I wrote it to empower others like me, who refuse to be categorised and generalised and put in orders for the convenience of a society of hypocrites.

About My Gender

This is an expression of me establishing my rights over my body. I am so much more beyond my gender and I refused to become a topic of debate and discussion. That’s me calling out all the hypocrites who talk about my body, my choices and my desires as if it’s theirs to discuss and demean. It isn’t, it hasn’t and it will never be.


About me

I am a poet and amateur sketch-artist and I work with an NGO for Women’s hygiene and health in rural India. You can follow me on Instagram, where I use the name Solitary Woodpecker.


My Gender

By Tanaya Mohanty

My Gender

My gender,
is at least
3 feet above
what’s between my legs.
It is not a question
or a topic
up for debate
or discussion.
Pointing a finger
in my direction,
I see you
eyes averted,
smug smiles
and I call you out-
You speak as if it is
but my gender
is not your (a) problem.
It has never been.


Your vision

If you wan to share your vision on this subject, please share your thoughts!

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