My love
A poem about self-love and how the poetess Lucy (Elsie LMC) feels about how we must live. This is her poem, "My love."

A poem about self-love and how the poetess Lucy (Elsie LMC) feels about how we must live. This is her poem, My love.

About the poetess

Elsie LMC is the pen name of Lucy. She is a blogger, who was born in London. She now lives in Ireland. With her blogs, she wants to put a smile on the faces of those who read her work. She also writes poetry and gives out tips about lifestyle.

She also wants to raise the awareness for Undiagnosed Chronic Illness. Her writings are meant to also be helpful for others, who deal with this. For those of you, who are not familiar with this, she explains more in this article.

Elsie shares her poetry and other thoughts on her website and through the social medium Twitter.

About My love

Self-love is important. The present, the moment we live in, the now; it is important. This poetess finds it more fit, to settle for what she has now and appreciate this as much as she can. A positive vibe, that is sometimes needed in this world we live in.

One can also read this being about not herself. About the one(s) she loves. Taking a moment to explain why it is all worth it to cherish precious moments. At moments, there is a sense that it will all fall apart. Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t. Those moments when everything goes well, these are important.

The poem that Lucy submitted through our website is not the most advanced poem as it comes to grammar. But that doesn’t matter. The message is important. Sometimes all it takes are the right words and nothing more. A clear example of a well written motivational poem.

And how about the poetess herself? Well, she tries to live by the advice she gives others:

As I struggle with living in the now with my illness – and although there is nothing I can do about my health –  I can try my best to take back what is rightfully mine in the here and now.”

My love

My Love


Live in the now
my love
always looking so far
hopes will stay above
no need to run.
Live in the now
my love
don’t break yourself
feel material and take off that glove
invisible it may be, it restricts
Live in the now
my love
for where you are looking is non-existent
don’t mean to shatter those dreams
as unbelievable as it seems
the now might not last
and with this, I hope
light has been cast.

Elsie LMC

My love
Article Name
My love
A poem about the importance of self-love
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs

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