My mind, my enemy

My mind, my enemy

Should we fear ourselves? Should we consider the fact, that our minds may play tricks on us? Nijal Modi thought about this all and decided to write about this. Her enemy: her mind.

Nijal on InstagramAbout Nijal

Nijal studies Interior Design and lives in India. She has been writing for a long time, but started documenting her work about five years ago. This nineteen-year-old poetess has even won an award for her work: the third prize in the British Council Writing Competition 2015.

She started writing again, because she found it a great way to cope with her drive to overthink things. This lead to a fine collection of poetry, that you can read on her Instagram profile.

“I realised the complexities of the human mind when I realised how quickly it changes it thoughts.”

My mind, my enemy

My mind, my enemy

One evening,
I was wondering,
How incredibly the human mind wanders,
And causes all the suffering,
It connotes the bygone days,
Despite of knowing the chaos it creates,

I suppose,
We must keep it caged,
If not,
Our hearts shall be damaged

Nijal Modi

About the poem

This poem dwells on the thought, that too much thinking can lead to uncontrolled thoughts. The human mind and what it accomplishes is a wondrous phenomenon. It leads to creativity, such as the poem written by Nijal. But, there is a downside as this poetess tells us. It also reminds us of things that were and have could have been different.

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