My Mother’s Eyes

My Mother's Eyes
Jamal Martin wrote a poem that was inspired by Mother’s Day. This poem is the result of waking up with a fever and thinking that day was Mother’s Day.

Jamal Martin wrote a poem that was inspired by Mother’s Day. This poem is the result of waking up feverishly and thinking that day was Mother’s Day.

About Jamal

Jamal uses the pen name Council of Desires on Instagram. He combines his poetry with some interesting art work. The poem Mother’s Day is no exception.

He lives in Trinidad and Tobago and he developed an interest in poetry because he felt the need to show his admiration for the world around him. Finally, he decided that this was his “thing” and shared his words with the rest of the world. The motivation to start writing was finally there when he followed a communications course. Now it’s hard to resist to write:

“I can’t resist it. It’s much like Beethoven when he said: “I have never thought of writing for reputation and honour. What I have in my heart must come out; that’s the reason to compose.”

Jamal doesn’t stop just there when citing Beethoven. He even brings the Ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle to the stage.

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”

Yes, that is a citation by Aristotle, but this doesn’t mean that this poet compares himself to this philosopher. He sees this as a good guideline or a way to describe why he writes.

About Mother’s Day

Yes, Jamal knows that on the day he published his poem on Instagram, it wasn’t Mother’s Day. He thought it was because he woke up feverishly. He insisted to write something about this day. In this poem, he shares his experiences as a child. He was always up to something mischievous.

“More so, it was meant to share my picture of my mother’s love and care for me from the day she first held me through every experience of my life as a child and I credit my passionate determination and boldness to everything I gained from her love.”

This resulted in a beautiful poem, that we are more than happy to share! We like the creative use of emoticons!

My Mother's Eyes

My Mother’s Eyes


My mother’s eyes,
Those beaming eyes that greeted my
smiles with joy upon the day that
I was born,
Now glows inside my hopes and
dreams through the great feats
that I perform,
First tending to me day and night,
Nestling me down to sleep,
And bearing my cries most sweetly
though I filled the air ungodly
Warming me to smiles by her ways
Praying that my soul her love
would keep those times unwell,
With pride and boasting she
spirited me from creeping to
Though I held silence until
words I knew,
And stirred up trouble every
thought I knew
All the while just loving you…
My mother’s eyes, those tender
Caretaker of my joy,
The mirror of my conscience,
The window behind my smile.

Jamal Martin

My Mother’s Eyes
Article Name
My Mother’s Eyes
He shows what his mother means to him
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs

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