Nessun Dorma

Nessun Dorma

It’s been some time, since we had the privilege to promote the work of Toni Smith. She writes under the pen name Lessons and Lightbulbs TKS. This poem is about the loss of her father, five days ago. This is the poem Nessun Dorma

One cannot imagine how hard it must be, to lose a loved one so close as your father. We wish Toni a lot of strength in this difficult time.

ToniAbout Toni

I wouldn’t particularly call myself a poet but if spilling my soul with words on paper or screen make me a poet then I guess I am one.

Toni publishes her poems on Instagram and Facebook.

About Nessun Dorma

I will always treasure that my Father taught me to listen with my soul. This song holds a treasured memory that I know I will eventually smile and not cry about.

My daddy passed away five days ago. I am thankful that poetry is helping me cope with the shredding and healing of my soul.

I am thankful my dad taught me the love of music and to listen with my soul.

Nessun Dorma

By Lessons and Lightbulbs TKS

Nessun Dorma

“He sings an opera classic” the caption it read
From the very first note my shoulders start to shake
“I can’t hear this right now”
I sob out loud to the air in my room
I hear a voice deep in my head “yes you can”
Click again and listen to
Nessun Dorma,
the song that holds memories of cobblestones,
waiting in queues,
of an old rustic church where 3 tenors sang
& Nessun Dorma soothed every soul
my Daddy smiled and said “close your eyes
and feel my girl”
and then he held my hand.

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