Never good enough

Never good enough
The feeling of being defeated, is not easy to cope with. Alexa Fortune decided to capture her feelings in the poem 'Never good enough.'

The feeling of being defeated, is not easy to cope with. Alexa Fortune decided to capture her feelings in the poem Never good enough.

About the poem

It’s not every day, that a poet or poetess writes so openly about why a poem is written. Alexa did:

“This poem is about feeling defeated in life and how our perceptions are solely linked to the quality of our relationships, mental health and our lives in general. In this poem, the victim dissects her thoughts, feelings and collective perceptions of those around her as well as her own. It starts off by her talking about her reality and how she thinks people see her.
She is consumed by dogma and negativity. She obsesses about her purpose in life and questions if she in fact has one other than suffering. She feels as though she has become dependent on the man she loves. It is also evident that he may have said hurtful things to her, as the last few sentences seem to be very detailed and potentially true statements. She magnifies her depressive state of mind and how her partner plays a big part of her mental slavery.

The last two words ‘My perception’ concludes the poem by stating that everything she has experienced and all the pain that she has suffered, was merely an extension of her negative perception towards her partner and the quality of her thoughts. This could therefore help us understand that due to her temporary state of mind, she had realized towards the end that only she had the power to change her perception.”

What else can we add to these beautiful words? This is again, a good example written by Alexa. A poetess we definitely follow on Instagram. Aren’t you yet?

Never good enough

Never good enough

Not good enough to stand on my own,
they think.
Not good enough to support myself,
they think.

I’m hopeless!
I’m a waste of a living, breathing human being,
I think.
One who walks around with no motivation.
All I’m good for is soaking my face with tears.

Shout at me and tell me how worthless I am, in your reality.
Tell me how I will never survive in life without you, your mentality.
Show me how ugly I have truly become, in your
because these are the ways only you make me feel.
My perception.

Alexa Fortune

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Never good enough
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Never good enough
This poem is beautifully written by Alexa Fortune
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