New editor: Vivek Singh

We are proud to announce, that Vivek Singh has joined our editorial team on a freelance basis. Vivek is not only a poet, he also writes about poetry. So, we found it time for an introduction of this Indian writer.

Vivek lives in Patna (India) and is combining his study, with writing. He does not only write poetry. He also writes about poetry. As you know, The Ministry of Poetic Affairs doesn’t only promote poets. We also supply tips for writing poetry.

Vivek publishes his work on the social medium Instagram, where he uses the pen name V.S. Poetry. We asked him, to write a feature article either about another poet or a subject related to poetry. We will publish this article soon.

Your writings

We are always open to your writings. The articles you are submitting, don’t always have to be about poems or poets. You can also write about others or share your tips for writing (poetry) with us. You can submit as many articles as you like. Of course, there are some rules. We can only publish these articles if you wrote them yourself. Using other sources is fine, as long as you show that what the source is.

If you work for a company, that is related to writing and poetry, we offer the chance to submit your advertorials to us. We will be more than happy to share them. Contact us for more information about pricing. It goes without saying, that the non-advertorials are free of charge and will be published with the name of the author on our website.

Why should you write for us?

There are many platforms that offer the chance to showcase your skills as a writer. The Ministry of Poetic Affairs is no different. We are an independent platform, that offers that chance for everyone to write. Of course, the subjects to write about are related to poetry. We do our best to offer background information about poets, poems and provide help for those writing poetry. This makes us different from others since we go deeper and take more time to provide background information.

Of course, the articles are yours and the copyrights to the texts you have written belong to no other than you!

If you are interested in writing for us, then contact us at [email protected]. You will be asked to submit a sample article, that will be reviewed. After the reviewing is completed, you will receive information about this article.

New editor: Vivek Singh
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New editor: Vivek Singh
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