New eyes

New eyes

The poem New eyes is a poem that reminds us, that here is always something new after a painful or hurtful period. Lisa Maria Righini wrote this poem.

Lisa Maria Righini
Lisa Maria Righini

About Lisa

Lisa lives in the German city München and is a poetess, philosopher and actress. She holds both the Italian and Austrian nationality. She wants to pursue a career as actress.

She started writing poetry at the age of eleven. She saw this as a way to create new realities, so that she could find herself a place where she could protect herself. Protection from sorrow the world put on her.

On her Instagram profile, you can read more of her writings and see what she’s up to. A nice combination of poetry and personality. She uses the pen name Lisa_Rock_n_Roll. If you want to read more about Lisa, then visit her own website.

About New eyes

The poem New eyes is Lisa’s way of telling there is more than pain or hurt. The poem tells about the love and hope, that do exist.

“More than often we get hurt by someone and we decide to shut down and never let someone new in, but life gives us always reasons to hope and love again.”

New eyes

New eyes

My tears are dried out,
my smile is numb,
yet my soul shivers
every time new eyes meet mine.

And even though
I don’t hear music anymore
my heart still knows how to dance to the beat

Lisa Maria Righini


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